Here at Cafe Greenprint, we focus on the “Green” approach – to serve health conscious global cuisine to the table in our eco-friendly lifestyle cafe.



We broil, steam, slow cook, air fry and quick stir your dishes to retain their highest nutritional contents and flavours.


Download our latest menu (.pdf)


We promote and provide nourishment of the highest quality. By using hand-picked, natural and organic ingredients, we create dishes that are naturally delicious and wholesome.



Chia seeds are loaded with nutrients and contain calcium, manganese, and phosphorus, and is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats



Goji berries are native to Asia and are packed with vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron and another antioxidants. They are alleged to boost the immune system and brain activity, protect the eyes and promote healthy skin.



Quinoa is naturally gluten free and contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains. It is a rich source of protein, reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol and glucose level.



We colour your diet in 7 shades of cold-pressed juices, with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide better nutrients and antioxidants. They are Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple and White.

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“You are what you eat”. Our bodily constitution and mental atmosphere are determined according to how and what we eat. – Sril Prabhupada


Our commitment to the green initiative is displayed through the concept of our Cafe. We invite you to come take a peek into this green lifestyle we have curated for you and experience it for yourself.


Designed interior with recycled and reclaimed materials. Practices recycling waste, and uses biodegradable and sustainable package.


Our main grown produce is sourced directly from sustainable farms and fisheries. Our salad leaves are locally grown hydroponic produce with NON GM Seeds and our wild salmon are ASC Certified. All ingredients are traceable and safe.

Natural, Healthy, and Organic

Only uses ingredients that are natural and healthy for human body. From coconut oil, to quinoa as rice, to non GMO soy sauce, to organic vegetable and proteins, we strive to serve customers with the freshest and least harmful ingredients in our menu.


A proud partners of Farmfresh 330, an NGO operated by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, with a mission to create opportunities for people in recovery of mental illnesses for work and social inclusion.


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書香中的綠色美食 by 東網東方報業

書香中的綠色美食 by 東網東方報業

【on.cc東網專訊】 誠品早前在太古開設分店,除了滿室書香外,還有很多不同的新品牌,逛得累了除了去買杯飲品, […]

太古誠品清新店 推崇綠色主義 by Yahoo! News

太古誠品清新店 推崇綠色主義 by Yahoo! News

【晴報專訊】湊熱鬧逛太古城新誠品,發現書店內暗藏一間環保概念小清新Cafe Greenprint,提倡綠色生活品味。 […]

HABITU誠品開新店 賣無印風和食 |太古城食乜好|by Weekend HK

HABITU誠品開新店 賣無印風和食 |太古城食乜好|by Weekend HK

誠品在太古開分店,吸引不少人去湊熱鬧,除了睇書,裡面餐廳亦有睇頭。餐廳原來是habitu 集團,內裡有種熟口熟面的感覺,由室內設計、餐牌、以至餐具, […]

Café GREENPRINT 綠色食肆 by Hong Kong Tea Time

Café GREENPRINT 綠色食肆 by Hong Kong Tea Time

Café GREENPRINT 是一間充滿環保元素的餐廳,門外用了很多綠色植物搭配鮮色的水果作擺設,從設計便可以看出它是一間不折不扣的綠色食肆。 […]

【飲食男女】太古城誠品 行到攰 文青飲食推介 by Apple Daily

【飲食男女】太古城誠品 行到攰 文青飲食推介 by Apple Daily

想吃東西?以綠色生活為主題的健康餐廳Cafe GREENPRINT,由裝修到食材均採用低碳 […]

週末親子必去 太古誠品食買閱讀好文化 by New Monday

週末親子必去 太古誠品食買閱讀好文化 by New Monday


主打日式洋風餐點, 材料則用有機的健康食品,例如近年大熱的superfood藜麥, […]

#greenmonday 來個#蔬菜#千層麵 by Sophronia

#greenmonday 來個#蔬菜#千層麵 by Sophronia

千層麵混了菠菜,中間夾著比目魚、#番茄 和時令蔬菜,層次非常豐富,濃郁酸香的#番茄醬 令千層麵變得更惹味! […]

CAFE GREENPRINT – A New Concept by Ecozine.com

CAFE GREENPRINT – A New Concept by Ecozine.com

Soulful, hearty, wholesome food with a green footprint – now open in Tai Koo.These aren’t just buzzwords. They’re the heart and soul of a new holistic dining spot in Cityplaza, Tai Koo. […]

Cafe Greenprint: New Green-Conscious “Realistically Healthy” Spot

Cafe Greenprint: New Green-Conscious “Realistically Healthy” Spot

written by

Comfortable light green shades, wooden furniture and quotes dotted on the walls – I was already sensing that this would be a cafe worth writing about when I saw the entrance. Of course the “healthy” concept was the selling point which attracted me here in the first place, […]

Shop G016, (Inside of Eslite Spectrum)
G/F, Cityplaza,
18 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo
Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 9:30pm